Slán Abhaile – ‘safe home’ 

“To die would be an awfully big adventure…”
It is with the heaviest and saddest of hearts that I have to tell you that Mollie left this earth today. She didn’t lose a battle, she won a million tiny ones and left us with grace and peace when the time was right for her.  Continue reading

Soldiering On

Hi guys,

I’m writing this in the car on the way back from the hospital in Birmingham. Clare’s beyond lovely dad drove us up to give Lauren some support on a difficult day. This is a hard post to write for lots of reasons, but mainly because I’m not clear about where we are, nobody 100% is.

Continue reading

A Late Night Post

Hi guys,

A really quick one from me to request prayers for Mollie from Lauren and the family. Lauren is staying up at the hospital tonight. I will do a full update tomorrow but for now, Mollie has had a rollercoaster of a day and night and things are still very much up in the air. Continue reading

With Molly for Mollie <3

Hey guys it’s Lauren!

So after a anxious decision to come back and complete The Obstcle Course Race  today, we did it! I’m home, and thought whilst I have some time this evening before heading back up to Hospital tomorrow, I would check in!   Continue reading

A Little Ray of Light

Evening guys,

I told Lauren I’d quickly update everyone on how Mollie’s day had gone as there have been some moments of positivity today which have given everyone a bit of a lift and a glimmer of hope – so she wanted to share that hope with you! Continue reading

Another bump in the road…

Another update for you all…

As Lauren has explained previously, Mollie has septicaemia (blood poisoning) and in the last day or so this has unfortunately developed into DIC. Basically what this means for Mollie is that her body isn’t able to form clots, so essentially her blood is too fluid so she bleeds too easily. What this means is she now has internal bleeding. Continue reading