It’s just a Mollie thing …❤️

Sweaters were Mollies thing. 

I’d think of Mols and the first thing that would spring to mind would be her pulling off her ‘messy on purpose’ hair style comfying it up with coco on the sofa in her joggers and sweater. She had a way of wearing such a range of sweaters -yet  you’d still always want the one Mols was wearing, even if you were wearing one of hers at the same time!  ‘Like your sweater Lauren… Oh it’s Mollies’ surprise, surprise.’ Well Mols, that was the beginning of the B+ sweater and there are now 65 people gracing the streets of Hemingford , Stives and beyond wearing them in your honour darling girl – that’s an awful lot of donations to CLDF 🙂 We might not pull off your sassy swag, but rest assured every time we wear them we’ll be aspiring to be more like you… And not just in terms of style. Lil trooper – we love you xxx thank you to you all for supporting the B+’s by purchasing the sweaters and vests. We’re certainly giving a name to Hemingford ‘grey’. 

Go out in force, with love Clare Bear 😘

B+ jumpers and summer collection order! 

Hey guys, 

                   So my wonderful and very organised best bud Clare bear is back from her wonderful trip to Monaco!  And back into buisness.. She is placing another order at the weekend for the long list for jumpers and vests! 

If you haven’t yet placed you order, please do so by emailing and she’ll get you sorted 🙂 

Jumpers are £15 

Vests, yet to be confirmed, Clare will let you know upon email, 

Since placing our first order we have realised this sign symbolises so much..

B+… Mollies unique blood type

B+.. B for Barton ☺️👌

B+… B for Birmingham hospital and the plus sign is like a hospital sign! 

B+… Becasue it just a great motto in life! ❤️☺️

So many special meanings… ☺️ 

£5 from every jumper goes to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in memory of one of the worlds most incredible Human beings… Now singing with the angels ❤️💫

Get ya orders in before this Friday! 

Love of love B+ ❤ 

Lauren x 



So, many of you may or may not have noticed at Mollie’s service (I didn’t clock until It until some one informed me) but the coco pops that mollie never went a night without taking have a B+ sign in the corner?! I mean talk about signs, that is just crazy! Not to mention the beautiful white feather that danced down high from the sky and landed on mollies beautiful casket whilst we were about to enter the church. It wasn’t just me that saw it, as a whole lot of us were standing waiting 🙏❤️

The sun also shone out of the heavens that morning. Friday the 8th of May 2015. When the forecast was for it to be rainy, which it did rain for the majority of the rest of the day apart from the morning. The birds were chirping and apparently a beautiful ray of light and sunshine shone through the church as we were about to enter. Just perfect. beautiful. So many lovely things that happened that brought us so much comfort. You could call them coincidences but I just refuse to believe it. I just know it’s our wee mols working her mischievous magic up there 🙂 👼 our little angel….

Love you always and forever x x x

So true.. 

Mollie is still with us, just in a different form, in a better and happier place, watching down over all of us… I just know she is… ❤ 



Colour Run 2015! 

Hey guys,

                    So the first of many, I have signed up to do the colour run! Whoop whoop! 5k walk or run in Birmingham on the 15 of August 2015. It would be absolutely great to do it with a whole bunch of us! So if you fancy it.. Follow the link below…
Click on events, Birmingham 15.8.2015, it will then ask you to join a team, select team B+ (of course!)  you will need to enter a password at this stage, so if you fancy joining our team, give me a message on Facebook or one way or another and I shall let you know what it is 😊 and then that’s it! Your booked in! It looks like a fab, fun event and I can’t wait to do it! 

It’s a very fun race, you can walk if you wish, so there’s no pressure! It’s just all fun! And for a great cause 😊 and you get colourful paint thrown at you at every kilometer! How exciting! So wear white 🙂 

If you are worried about how to get there fear not! I shall drive and people can follow me in the car if necessary!

All sponsers and donations to me made to

May I also just say that so far we have managed to raise almost £5000 in total! For the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation and for the British Liver Trust! I mean that is just incredible and we are so so thankful for all your kind and generous donations! 🙏 

Let this be the start of many! 

On that note, I guess I’ll mention that I am doing the LONDON MARATHON next year!!!! 😃😆 on behalf of the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation! I’m so chuffed! Better get my running skills back up and running! Phaa! But what a great motif to do so 🙂 to keep the memory of wee Mollie Alive ❤️☺️ Soooo excited.. And scared eeeks! But I know she will help me through ❤️🙏
COLOUR RUN COLOUR RUN!!! Book it now!! 😆
Lots of love 

Lauren B+ ❤ 

Second star to the right, and straight on til’ morning!

It’s been over 2 weeks now since we lost Mollie. It feels like yesterday and also a life time ago all at the same moment. Very odd and still raw as hell.

We’ve all spent a lot of time star gazing, in hopes that those midnight twinkles in the night sky are Mollie winking back at us. Clare had the lovely idea of buying a star in Mollie’s name, so that whenever someone is missing her they can find Mollie up in the night sky!

So Lauren did that yesterday…

The link above includes a map for all you star gazers out there.. and of course, from Mollie’s house, her star is literally the second star to the right ❤

Now Mollie can always shine bright above us and keep us safe, even in the small wee hours.

Hope you’re having fun up there, little one. We miss you terribly.

With love, Georgia & Lauren x

Thank You <3

Hi everyone,

Just want to say a quick thanks – we are overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that has been shown to us throughout Mollie’s journey and particularly over the last week. We cannot express how thankful we are for every prayer, wish, card, bunch of flowers, home cooked meal and bottle of wine that has been given to us! Continue reading