Fundraisng Event at the st Ivo School

A big big thank you to Maria Chambers at the Ivo School for organizing the Race night on Friday the 19th of June to Raise Money for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation In Memory of our Angel Mollie Barton who is missed more and more Every day ❤️ 

The night Rasied a Total of £802.88! Which all goes straight to The incredible Charity which helps ongoing research and support for families for Children with Liver Disease and Similar conditions to Mollie. 

Raising Money for Charity and working alongside The Children’s Liver Foundation it helping us feel like we are doing something positive and is a step in the right direction after loosing our wee Mols. We know this can never bring her back to us, the pain and disbelief of her not being with us on is still ongoing and unbearable at times, but she has inspired us all so much as a family and to all those who knew her, to do better, and be better for others. Mollie was always helping others, so this is the legacy you have left behind mols…  We are going to make you proud Girle! 

Theatre Artz Dance School will Also be collecting money  for the Children’s Liver Disease this Sunday the 28th at the Hinchingbrooke School where they will be performing there annual Summer Show, in Which Myself and one of my Dearest friends Phil have been Cheorographing for over the past years. Unfortunately We can’t be there this year but Good luck kiddies! Sock it to them! You will be amazing as always!

The Founder of Theatre Artz, Roz Clarke kindly asked if we wouldn’t mind her money raised to go to a charity in memory of Mollie. Wouldn’t mind!? Of course not its a honour and we were so touched and overwhelmed, just so so lovely and kind of everyone wanting to show their support. It really has been truly overwhelming! 

Last but not least! Don’t forget the Color Run in Birmingham on the 15tj of august! Thank you to everyone who has signed up already! It’s going to be a great day! If you would still like to sign up there is plenty of time! There is absolutely no pressure to run what so ever! It’s a fun event with lots of colors involved! 

Sign up at 


And join the Team B+ 

Message me for the password! 😀 it’s gunna be a fab day! 
Again a Massive Massive thankyou to everyone for all there continuous love and support, it is still so heartbreaking for us all and the disbelief that Mols has moved on before us is just as hard if not harder as time passes by…. But she is giving us strength and courage from up to carry on our lives with her legacy in our hearts always and forever… That I am sure of ❤️🙏

B+ ❤ 

Lauren x 

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