Colour Run Birmingham August 2015!

Hey guys!

 A Massive massive thankyou to everyone involved and for all your generous Donations made for the Childrens Liver Disesse Foundation and team B+ at the Colour Run today! What a ‘Positively Filthy Day!’ 😝 such a fab atmosphere! Mollie B would have been laughing down on us for sure! 🙏 

We shall definitely be there again next year! Infact when Is the next one? Let’s sign up today! 😀 

Here are a few photos for those of you that don’t have Facebook as photos are plastered all over it already! 

Keep posting your selfies and photos on our Instagram page 


Share that B+ love always! 

Still on a high from such a fab day! 🙏🌠😊✨ thank you all so so much! 

#dreamteam ❤


very excited for the color Run in Birmingham Tomorrow with team B+! Raising money for an amazing Chartiy! The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in memory of the incredible Miss Mollie B ❤️ 

If you could spare a few pennies and show your support to CLDF here is the link to our Just Giving page 🙂

In other exciting news,

 We have set up a Instagram account so people can post their photos in their B+ goodies around the globe wherever they may take you! 

Follow and share your pic, let’s continue to raise awareness of blood and organ donation! Spread that B+ love always! 🙏🌎

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Peace out B+ ❤ 

Lauren and Mon x x x 

3 months on…

Wow 3 months on since wee Mollie left  us, think it gets harder to believe as time goes by..

That saying ‘Time is the greatest healer’ … I do get that and believe it to a certain extent but I think that applies over long long periods of time. In the recent few months as life goes on and people try and settle back into routine and pattern of daily life, the agony and realisation that Mollie isn’t around is becoming significantly more daunting than ever. As much as it’s easy to keep busy and distracted, not an minute go by where Mollie isn’t in our thoughts. There’s no doubt that she is still close by. With every new thought Mollie is there…every song old or new she is with us…after all music was Mollie’s way of expressing herself that she always shared with those around her and for those precious unforgettable moments you gave us Mollie, we are forever grateful… 

Her spirit is still so incredibly alive to us. Sometimes I catch myself doing or saying something exactly the way Mollie would. More often than not being silly and mischievous 🙈 tee hee! I can just imagine you laughing along with me…🙏

We would like to express a huge thankyou to you all as we reach our  100th order of B* goodies this month! What an achievement! Wow thank you thank you thank you! It’s so lovely to see B+ love spread around the globe, all in memory of our wee mols and to help the amazing CLDF! 

Look what your doing mols! Your spreading love and life across the globe 🙏🌎 

 Let’s not stop here…Please continue to share the love by posting your photos wearing your B+ goodies to Facebook by taggng me, Mollie, mum or The Waiting Game Facebook page. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have a B+ Instagram account set up specifically to share all your amazing photos! 😀 

If you missed out on this months order of B+ jumpers/vests don’t freat, there will be another placed at the end of the month so make sure you get your orders in by emailing where she will send out information regarding sizes and costs etc… Remember £5 from each item of clothing goes to the CLDF! 

There is so much going on to insure your memory and love lives on forever Mols…
We recently raised another £240 from putting on a Sports Day at Kilworth house which was great day! Thank you all so much for your kind donations and entertaining sport! 😝 

We have got the colour Run coming up  on the 15th of August with lots of mollies friends and family participating! Whoop whoop! Can’t wait! 😀 can’t wait to get covered in paint whilst raising awareness for an amazing charity whilst encouraging Organ donation! 

If you would like to make a donation to spur us on and show support here’s the link to our just giving page!

I have also just signed up to take part in the 5k Spartan obstacle Race in Cambridge on the 5th of September! Eeeks! If  anyone would like to get involved, drop me a message to join the B+ team! Anyone is welcome! Infant the more the merrier! 

We are continuously grateful for all the love and support from everyone, especially over the last few months…

It still dosen’t feel real and certainty dosen’t get any easier… We miss you more than could ever been put into words…

‘Second star to the right and straight on till morning..’

B+ ❤ 

Lauren x x x