Christmas From the Barton’s… 

So the time has come, I guess there’s no point in hiding away from it any longer. What with us all being so busy working hard up to Christmas, it’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and use our daily chores and work as a distraction and a coping strategie to deal with the fact that we are fast approaching our first Christmas without our wee Angel Mollie. I not going to lie, part of me has been dreading this day and part of me is still super excited as Christmas has always been such a exciting time for our family as is with most families! But this year We find ourself’s not knowing quite how to feel and very apprehensive about it all… I guess for anyone who has lost a loved one the first Christmas without them is always a strange one…

Time has passed and the boulder of grief is shrinking, though it will never leave of that I’m certain…There has been a calm acceptance today as we are so blessed to share and celebrate our Christmas Day making new memories with our incredibly strong Barton Clan in the most amazing Family home filled with so much love, warmth and festivity in the beautiful town of Crockerton Warminster! 

This day has been made even more poignant  with the arrival of our newest member Shiloh Barton 4 days before Christmas! 😍 he couldn’t have timed His arrival any better as we all get busy smothering him with cuddles and kisses ..( he’s so cute! Mollie you would be smitten! I hope you have passed some of your cheeky charms on to him!) I guess   it’s the reality of ‘the circle of life’ 

‘Where there is death there is life, where there is life there is hope…’

We miss you like mad this Christmas Mols and it’s not the same without you and it never will be.. But I feel your energy living through us all everyday in all that we do..From the twinkling lights on the tree, to the Christmas cheer we never imagined possible without you, today we reminisce and celebrate Christmas’s past knowing how much you loved this day, Thankyou for all the love, joy laughter and priceless memories  you gave us girle..

Thank you to everyone for all your incredible support, love and kindness throughout this year, it is still so overwhelming and we all feel so blessed and humbled by it all,it brings us so much comfort and peace amidst the tears and sadness knowing Mollie will always be remembered… We are enternally grateful

You sure earnt earnt your wings girle…

Merry Christmas everyone!🎄 Hope you have an amazing day and a very Merry Christmas my crazy wee sis..hope your not causing to much mischief up there ✌🏿️🤓💫 

Coz I’m all about a good quote and mols was too  😝🙈 ❤️💫



 Merry Christmas from the Barton clan!  and welcome Baby Shiloh… ❤️🎄

Peace out and Always B+ …✌🏿️💫🎄