Running Update… Sad times πŸ˜–πŸ™„

hey guys, 

So it seems I have been putting off writing an update for quite sometime. Probably because I have been in total denial about my current situation and hoped that I wouldn’t have to write anything but positive updates about our progress and training for the Half and full marathon. I have had to pull out of the Marathon and currently stop running altogether at the moment due to a repetitve Injury in my foot (tendon damage) I am absoloutly devestated and heartbroken. Running was the one of the many sports thats that has helped me through so much over the past years and really helped me challenge my focus and release a lot of pent up energy and frustration when going through hard times with Wee Mollie. ‘Run for those who can’t” was, and still is our motto!

 I hope to be back fighting fit in no time with lots of physio and a great rehabilitation programme, but for now running is out of the question,and instead lots of rest and TLC is what my body is crying out for as it seems I’m quite good at over training and not knowing when to stop πŸ™ˆ eeeks! I hope to be able to race in the London Marathon for this Amazing Charity again next year fingers crossed! I am still so so proud to say that Gorgeous Clare is still acing the training and is taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon this weekend in prep for the full whammey in April! what a gal! she has been incredible and so driven and determined in her training as has really gone for it! for someone who once didn’t like running.. the tables have now turned as she has managed to build up a ridiculous amount of milage and is streaks ahead and more than prepared and ready for this Challenge! I am gutted that I wont be running alongside you this year girle, but I will be right there with you in spirit cheering you on Sunday and at the half and in April! I shall see you at the finish line with doughnuts cakes and all things sugar! and a big fat hug! 

Mollie’s spirit lives within all who knew her, and will be guiding and cheering you on all the way girle! I just know it! I can feel it in my soul even more so now than ever πŸ™‚ 

Another great big thank you for all your amazing and generous donations! 

since it is only Clare running, our target is now Β£2000, we are almost there but still have more time and every penny counts! 

please continue to donate and help support this incredible charity and Miss Clare Stevens in this extremely courageous challenge which she is Acing! so so incredibly proud of you girle!
photos form sunday to come πŸ˜€

Always B+ and believe in better days

Nothing happens before its time”

“Nothing is ever permermant”

“This too shall pass”

peace and love 

Lauren 😘✌🏿️

Marathon Training Β Update! Not long to go Now…

I mean I currently can’t feel my legs, suffering from severe DOM’S right about now, but after having to take a break from running over the last 3 weeks due to an injury which I was massively panicking about, Me and Clare decided that since we’re now living together in London.. (So so exciting!) it was about time we got back running together again, 

I think we did alright?! …

  ‘How far shall we go?.. Err lets just see how far we can manage’ 

 21k later!!!! HALF MARATHON!!! We friggin bossed it Girle! Safe to say we are well on top of training for the Brighton Half Marathon in just over 3 weeks! There is literally no way I could have done that without Clare running by my side! So glad to have my running partner back We just work! What a team! So chuffed! 

I’d like to take this time to say that, we know they are lots and lots of big Charity names out there that get so much publicity already, but if you have been following the blog and know our story you will understand why the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is such an incredible Charity and why it is so important to us.

We are both extremely honoured and feel very lucky to be Running as part of their team, as not everyone gets a place in the Marathon so we want to do them proud. 

We still have a long way to go with our fundraising, and yes it feels great that we are physically  prepared for the half marathon in a few weeks, the thought of doubling that over to complete the full Marathon… Well my legs just cramp up at the thought of it! So we still have massive amounts of training to do, plus we have signed up to a practise marathon race at the beginning of April which is going to be super tough! So we really are plugging away and doing as much as we can to prepare ourself for Full Whammy at the end of April! 😁

please please please head over to our just giving page and help us raise money for The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in memory of our beautiful Angel Wee Mollie ❀️ 

CLDF has been a huge part of our lives over the past year and continues to do amazing things for young children and families who are going through horrendous times as our family did, 

If you know our story you will know why this charity is so special and deserves your donations πŸ™‚ 😘✌🏿️

If not Head to the ‘about page on this blog or scroll back to previous Blog Posts to find out more about Mollies Journey and how she has inspired, blessed and touched so many peoples hearts with her short lived time here on this earth πŸ™ 
Just keep running and run for those who can’t’ … 

Peace out and B+ always… βœ”οΈ

Photos of me and Clare Post Half Marathon Run training!