1st Year On…

Tomorrow marks 1 whole year without Mollie. Wow, where does the time go? It’s hard to describe how We feel. We feel numb, like it might be too painful to let ourself  feel what tomorrow really means. 

Rather than life getting easier, the void left in our lives has become more obvious as time has moved on. We’ve learnt new rhythms, and new routines but we just miss the old ones that had Mollie in them and want them back. Living a life without her is endlessly painful, but is necessary and we’ve learnt to muddle through. It still feels like a struggle. Every birthday, party, celebration and now anniversary has a missing person and I don’t think that feeling ever really leaves you.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day. Family are coming over and we’re heading to church and down to the river in the evening to be together on the moment Mollie died. 

Life hasn’t gotten better, but we’re learning to cope and that’s the best we can do for now. We are continuously grateful for the love and support around us, it keeps us going. 

Forever in our thoughts, not a day goes by where you aren’t in our heart Miss Mollie B. 

Love you endlessly always and forever. 

Always B+ 

Lauren and Mon X X x x