BPV Virus – Monica Barton

What a week!
I became an employee of the NHS back in 1980, October ’80 to be precise. This week the NHS
celebrated its 70th birthday. Many would agree the NHS is in crisis whilst others are optimistic of the extra money being promised to rescue it. I however can not keep silent any longer. There is something I feel compelled on a personal, moral and professional level to share with you and I hope you pass it on to all you know.
I do not mean to alarm any of you but there is a virus which is highly infectious and contagious that is not being talked about enough, yet it has been around for a long time. Much is known about this virus yet little information is passed on or shared. It has various strains and it can be transmitted via air, blood,touch, sexually transmitted, it present at the moment of conception and can cross the placenta barrier,surviving throughout one’s life and even after death.
What is so different about this virus is that unlike HPV, Pneumonia or Aids this virus does not kill. There is no cure once this virus has taken hold and it symptoms are many, ranging from increased heart and breathing rate, over production of adrenaline and various other hormones and chemicals. It can affect all organs of the body. Given the right conditions this virus has the potential to cause a Worldwide Epidemic! It does not discriminate between age, gender, colour or creed. This virus is the BPV virus. Its origins stem back thousands of years. It’s common name is B Positive Vibe Virus. You may have already heard of it. Once spread it is highly contagious, infectious and has the potential to not only be life changing but can also save lives.
It is my intention, and I would love it to be your goal too actually know it is my dream to spread this BPV as much as we can and as fast as we can! We all can get involved, young and old and guess what ..it’s free!
The reason this virus is very close to my heart is, not only was I moved to tears this week by the miraculous Tham Luang Cave Rescue but also as many of you already know my daughter Mollie passed away in April 2015 whilst waiting for a Liver Transplant. She didn’t get her second chance of life and my faith in God, the Universe, a force of energy much greater than us,( whatever your persuasion) called Mollie home. She had such a beautiful soul and I believe still has, her energy is and love is eternal. As painful as it is on a daily basis to carry on life without Mollie( and I know I speak for her sister too) we are so privileged to have shared Mollie’s life for 20 years. She taught us so much about life, more than any book or Post Graduate Degree could teach us. She taught us about the simplest most beautiful values of life. She would not want her family, friends to be sad for too long. Because Mollie hated sadness, she wanted everyone to get on in the world. She hated injustice and always stood up for the underdog. She was full of forgiveness.She hated to be the centre of attention yet she was because she was different. Her Liver disease she was born made her skin jaundiced, her teeth yellow. She hated being different, like so many teenagers she wanted to fit in. She has more than her fair share of struggles in her all too short life. Yet despite this Mollie was known and loves for her infectious laugh. It is imprinted in my soul ( and on a tattoo on her sister Lauren’s arm)!
I know in my heart and soul that she would want her legacy to be one of positivity and laughter. That is why her sister Lauren set up the B positive campaign with Mollie while she was waiting for her transplant. Today this campaign carries on in fundraising for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.
We want Laughter, Positivity to be Mollie’s Legacy. Her laugh was highly infectious and contagious, she was kindness personified and in the face of adversity she found so much love and joy in helping many others with their struggles.
It was the news headlines this week, the positive uplifting headlines of England getting through to the semi finals of the world cup, that uplifted us as a nation. There was so much hope joy and love in the atmosphere you could almost taste it! As I do every day, I thought of Mollie and her B Positive vibes. There were many other positive headlines for a change with uplifting positive stories amidst the usual doom and gloom of Brexit, the country being in a mess, and disastrous new rail timetable! The England team had given the country something to cheer about, a sense of pride and hope.Everyone (well ok, most of us) came together. There were street parties up and down the country, BBQ’s were organised at the last minute in the glorious sunshine of the hottest Summer in 30years! The sunshine and the world cup fever seemed to bring a sense of unity and r celebration and hope, well that was until Wednesday when Croatia dampened England fans

dreams at home, in Russia and around the globe. But “the lads did us proud” was what most people were saying. The young team have instilled hope for 2022 World Cup! Where is this all going I hear you ask!!!!
The greatest headline of this week was without doubt the miraculous story of the Tham Luang Cave Rescue where 12 boys and their football coach were all brought to safety against all odds.Sadly one Cave Diver paid the ultimate price and sacrificed his life for a group of strangers. People with expert diving skills and experience in human disasters came together from all around the world to be involved in an incredible act of courage, love and compassion for their fellow man. They weren’t building walls, there was no talk of immigrants, it didn’t matter the age, gender , colour or creed. These strangers saved the lives of 13 people in the most dangerous and treacherous conditions. It must NEVER be forgotten.
There have been many many heroic rescues over time, in particular the last couple of years from emergency services and ordinary people just going about their daily lives. What was so different about this rescue was not only were there children involved but they survived in the darkest of caves for 2 weeks before they were found by 3 English divers, 3 days after they went missing. IT Consultant and Scout Leader John Volanthen was the first voice the boys heard. A team of international divers collaborated with the Thai Navy Seals. Dozens of divers were involved in the rescue, both Thai and foreign, with one common goal…… to save as many lives as possible whilst putting their own at risk. A true act of humanity, bravery, courage and kindness.
My reason for writing this post is to ask all of you to not just share this post, but please please copy and paste, email it, do whatever you can to spread this B Positive Virus. Let’s see how far around the globe it gets, not for a social media exercise but to contaminate as many people as possible with this virus and watch its effects in our own homes, schools, hospitals, workplace, on transport, shops, airports,prisons, on our streets….. everywhere we come into with another human being.
Why? Because we are all participants in the greatest race of all, the Human Race.
Why? Because there is too much hatred in this world. Man is destroying this beautiful planet yet it needn’t be so. There is a virus that is stronger than any action or words of anger or hatred.
Why? Because Positivity attracts Positivity, it is the Law of Attraction.What the thinker thinks the Prover proves (thanks Trevor!)
It is impossible to say a kind word whilst being angry, it is impossible to show an act of kindness whilst full of hate. If we all finished our work, our meals, our shopping, our days with a kind word, a smile, a hug, a laugh, these B positive Vibes have the potential not only to make the other person feel good as it releases endorphins and dopamine, the feel good chemicals into our bloodstream which will enrich our lives, but both the giver and the receiver feel the benefits. One small act of kindness can literally be the difference that makes the difference, the butterfly effect, where a tiny movement of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world has the potential to cause a change in atmospheric conditions in another.
We can’t all be Cave Divers performing miraculous rescues but we can all spread some B positive vibes in our lives. Yes “getting by with a little help from our friends” as the NHS song says is a beautiful motto to have, but smiling at a stranger, offering a sandwich to a homeless person, sending a kind txt or email to someone you haven’t seen in a while, contacting someone who is isolated, lonely or depressed, saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt or left on angry terms with, counting our blessings and showing gratitude rather than compiling about what we haven’t got.
I am cringing at the thought i may be coming across patronising to some,I promise you that is not my intent. I am so utterly passionate about this virus and also desperate to believe that Mollie’s memory will live on. Live on in her Legacy of Laughter, Love and Kindness. Laughter is after all the best medicine of all.
Please help us to spread this Be Positive Vibe (BPV) virus not only in Mollie’s memory bit also in the memory of the Tham Lang Caves rescue,the Thai diver Saman Gunan 38 who gave up his life for others and all those who have lost their lives whilst helping others and for those rescued, in the hope that they will in time go on to live healthy and fulfilled lives, inspired in the knowledge their lives were saved by acts of immense Kindness, Love and Compassion. Like these young boys it is often in the darkest of times we find the true light of our being.

So let’s spread the B Positive Vibe Virus and all its many strains, a smile, a hug, a kind word, a touch, a look, a Laugh…..they are all contagious. Let’s make July 10th a National B Positive Day, lets get this virus going viral until it becomes our daily practice. My dream would be to get World leaders, Politicians, Heads of States anyone in positions of power and authority to start spreading this virus and help make 10th July a Worldwide B Positive Day! I hope to organise B Positive Walks in the month of October to celebrate Mollie’s 24th Birthday this year, watch this space as they too could become viral, So to all my family and friends in Ireland, UK and further afield around the globe, let’s get this B Positive Vibe Party started!!!!
I had a dream ……………
Lots of B positive Vibes to all xxxxx