‘The Waiting Game’ is written by 22 year old Lauren Barton and (when necessary) family friend, Georgia. The blog focuses on Lauren’s families life whilst waiting for a liver transplant for Lauren’s little sister, Mollie.

Mollie is 20 years old and was born with a rare and complex condition called Alagille Syndrome. Alagille Syndrome is a genetic disorder which mainly affects the liver, heart and kidneys. Since birth, Mollie has been on numerous medications and has had several surgeries including open heart surgery. At age 8, Mollie was prepped for a liver transplant from her Dad as a living donor. However, Mollie’s condition improved and stabilised and she was able to live a relatively normal life supported by medication throughout her teens.

However, over Christmas 2014 the family began to notice that Mollie’s eyes and skin had started to turn yellow, a tell-tale sign of liver disease. At the beginning of January, it was confirmed that a small lump which had been present in Mollies liver for a while had grown at an unprecedented rate and practically outgrown her liver. In February 2015 it was confirmed that Mollie had liver failure and at the end of March she was placed on the transplant list. In April 2015 Mollie was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and temporarily removed from the active transplant list due to complications, since then her condition has deteriorated and she is currently in the ICU waiting to be well enough to be placed back on the list. *For the most up to date information on Mollie’s condition, please refer to the latest blog post.

Although this blog has since become a tool of communication between the Barton’s and those who love them, the initial motivation was (and still is) to promote organ donation and to encourage everybody to sign up to the Organ Donor Register. In the UK, over 10,000 people are currently waiting for a transplant with around 4,000 being performed per year so as you can see demand for an organ currently significantly outweighs supply. Every day in the UK 3 people die whilst waiting for an organ. The harsh truth of it is if any of us needed an organ or one of our loved ones did, we wouldn’t hesitate to take one and therefore you should be willing to give yours.

To learn more about organ donation and to sign up to the NHS donor register, please visit:


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