Marathon Training Β Update! Not long to go Now…

I mean I currently can’t feel my legs, suffering from severe DOM’S right about now, but after having to take a break from running over the last 3 weeks due to an injury which I was massively panicking about, Me and Clare decided that since we’re now living together in London.. (So so exciting!) it was about time we got back running together again, 

I think we did alright?! …

  ‘How far shall we go?.. Err lets just see how far we can manage’ 

 21k later!!!! HALF MARATHON!!! We friggin bossed it Girle! Safe to say we are well on top of training for the Brighton Half Marathon in just over 3 weeks! There is literally no way I could have done that without Clare running by my side! So glad to have my running partner back We just work! What a team! So chuffed! 

I’d like to take this time to say that, we know they are lots and lots of big Charity names out there that get so much publicity already, but if you have been following the blog and know our story you will understand why the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is such an incredible Charity and why it is so important to us.

We are both extremely honoured and feel very lucky to be Running as part of their team, as not everyone gets a place in the Marathon so we want to do them proud. 

We still have a long way to go with our fundraising, and yes it feels great that we are physically  prepared for the half marathon in a few weeks, the thought of doubling that over to complete the full Marathon… Well my legs just cramp up at the thought of it! So we still have massive amounts of training to do, plus we have signed up to a practise marathon race at the beginning of April which is going to be super tough! So we really are plugging away and doing as much as we can to prepare ourself for Full Whammy at the end of April! 😁

please please please head over to our just giving page and help us raise money for The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in memory of our beautiful Angel Wee Mollie ❀️ 

CLDF has been a huge part of our lives over the past year and continues to do amazing things for young children and families who are going through horrendous times as our family did, 

If you know our story you will know why this charity is so special and deserves your donations πŸ™‚ 😘✌🏿️

If not Head to the ‘about page on this blog or scroll back to previous Blog Posts to find out more about Mollies Journey and how she has inspired, blessed and touched so many peoples hearts with her short lived time here on this earth πŸ™ 
Just keep running and run for those who can’t’ … 

Peace out and B+ always… βœ”οΈ

Photos of me and Clare Post Half Marathon Run training! 


Marathon Training Underway for 2016! πŸ˜

So with a busy Christmas schedule of work, eating and drinking fully behind us now, it’s all systems go now that London Marathon is not far away! Eeeks! πŸ™ˆ well still a good few months yet for the full whammy but myself and Clare and Doing the Brighton Half Marathon on the the 28th of February! Which is just over a month away! Yikes! I would be lying if I said training has been easy… Anything but! What with being away over Christmas on a Performance contract and not having my running buddy Clare Bear to spur me on! It’s been tricky to find the time and motivation to get theses running shoes on! We have both been doing a lot by ourself… ( Clare is acing it at the moment with the training!) and she says she doesn’t even like running… Hmmm I think secretly she’s starting to enjoy it 😝 but it’s hard to keep up and be consistent with the training when life gets in the way, jobs to do, and we have both had our fair few shares of injuries which is extremely frustrating as it put a halt on your training! When all you want to do is just get out there and run but you know you’ll perhaps make an injury worse and don’t want to jeopardise the actual race. 

As I was out training this morning doing a 10k, it became apparent to me how much of running is your mental state, like anything in life…I love a good challenge don’t get me wrong I thrive on them but I do have my moments when I think.. Fudge can I really do this? Or what am I’m doing  are you nuts?!But.. like anything you just have to breathe… and you really do have to believe you can do it. The  moment you start to doubt yourself.. Your body will listen and surrender to what your brain is telling it. It’s so easy to get frustrated with yourself during training, but I’ve learnt it’s also OK to ‘have a bad run’ or not feel at your best or feel like you’ve gone backwards… It’s having the courage to not stay in that mentally and being able to force your mindset and change your attitude and pick yourself back up into a ‘positive place’ that’s most important. It’s the hardest part but once you’ve mastered it you can apply it to all aspects of life πŸ™‚ 

Because you know I love a good quote… πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ Here our a few motivational quotes that help me keep going no matter how tough the road ahead may seem…


Like anyone training for the marathon this year, it is a tough job! But I have every confidence that we can do it! One step at a time πŸ™ with the Brighton Half Being our Main Focus at the moment! 

Miss Mollie’s  B+ love and spirit will be running along side us all the way of that we are sure, but we still need all the support we can get from you lovely people out there! I know January is a tough month, and thank you so much for all of you who have supported us already, if you have the time and a few spare pennies, please please head to our just giving page below to read more about why this challenge is so so important to us! And The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation! πŸ™πŸ™

Also Follow our Instagram page 

@bepositive_mollie @laurenbarton21 for more photos and updates on how our training is going! 

Moi pre running training this morning! πŸ’ͺ πŸƒ

We have lots more exciting events coming up in this new year which I shall be blogging about soon! But one challenge at a time hey?! 😝

Peace out and B+ vibes always…..

Barton and co 😘 ✌🏿️

❀ … X x 

Christmas From the Barton’s…Β 

So the time has come, I guess there’s no point in hiding away from it any longer. What with us all being so busy working hard up to Christmas, it’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and use our daily chores and work as a distraction and a coping strategie to deal with the fact that we are fast approaching our first Christmas without our wee Angel Mollie. I not going to lie, part of me has been dreading this day and part of me is still super excited as Christmas has always been such a exciting time for our family as is with most families! But this year We find ourself’s not knowing quite how to feel and very apprehensive about it all… I guess for anyone who has lost a loved one the first Christmas without them is always a strange one…

Time has passed and the boulder of grief is shrinking, though it will never leave of that I’m certain…There has been a calm acceptance today as we are so blessed to share and celebrate our Christmas Day making new memories with our incredibly strong Barton Clan in the most amazing Family home filled with so much love, warmth and festivity in the beautiful town of Crockerton Warminster! 

This day has been made even more poignant  with the arrival of our newest member Shiloh Barton 4 days before Christmas! 😍 he couldn’t have timed His arrival any better as we all get busy smothering him with cuddles and kisses ..( he’s so cute! Mollie you would be smitten! I hope you have passed some of your cheeky charms on to him!) I guess   it’s the reality of ‘the circle of life’ 

‘Where there is death there is life, where there is life there is hope…’

We miss you like mad this Christmas Mols and it’s not the same without you and it never will be.. But I feel your energy living through us all everyday in all that we do..From the twinkling lights on the tree, to the Christmas cheer we never imagined possible without you, today we reminisce and celebrate Christmas’s past knowing how much you loved this day, Thankyou for all the love, joy laughter and priceless memories  you gave us girle..

Thank you to everyone for all your incredible support, love and kindness throughout this year, it is still so overwhelming and we all feel so blessed and humbled by it all,it brings us so much comfort and peace amidst the tears and sadness knowing Mollie will always be remembered… We are enternally grateful

You sure earnt earnt your wings girle…

Merry Christmas everyone!πŸŽ„ Hope you have an amazing day and a very Merry Christmas my crazy wee sis..hope your not causing to much mischief up there βœŒπŸΏοΈπŸ€“πŸ’« 

Coz I’m all about a good quote and mols was too  πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ β€οΈπŸ’«



 Merry Christmas from the Barton clan!  and welcome Baby Shiloh… β€οΈπŸŽ„

Peace out and Always B+ …βœŒπŸΏοΈπŸ’«πŸŽ„




Did I Hear Someone say.. London Marathon 2016?

Did I Hear Someone Say London Marathon 2016? …Sure did! Eeeks! So I Guess this Makes it official! Here we go.. Clare Stevens and I are doing it.. starting with the Brighton Half in February, we will then tackle the whopping 26.2 In April! All for you Miss Mole Barton Please read,like and share our page we need all the help we can get! 
Bring it on!!!! πŸ™

With B+ Love Always
Lauren and Clare ❀

6 Months on…Β 

6 Months on… 

I cannot believe that half a year has passed. These months are just disappearing…

As Adele says, ‘they say time’s supposed to heal you.. well I haven’t done much healing’. Mollie would have loved that song of course it’s so powerful and maybe we can take comfort in thinking Mollie is still saying ‘hello from the other side’.. she’d be belting that out at the top of her lungs like she did with practically every song! 
Adele just hit the nail right on the head with those lyrics!
The feeling of loss is an ongoing hardship and a heartache that is deeply cemented in us at the core now and forever. This seems to be a common feeling that has come up when speaking and sharing stories with a few other friends and family who have lost a loved one; ‘the journey of grief’…It never truly ends..
Grief is a rollercoaster or a waving storm. Sometime the feeling is gentle and still and you can almost feel content for a moment and then with a flip of a coin it becomes a storm with waves 100 feet tall, so fierce you have no choice but to surrender to them. You are submerged from out of the blue and it’s uncontrollable no matter how hard you try to fight it. 

I have experienced many different storms from this grief. I’ve beaten myself up and getting annoyed for feeling the way I do, thinking I don’t have time to feel like this! Is it normal to still be feeling this? I thought this was supposed to get easier by now? I get so fustrated as I just want to feel happy and carefree  again and make the most of this short precious life but this cloud won’t go away! 
And then these waves take various forms. Sometimes it’s a dull, aching sadness and other times the waves are fuelled with anger and bitterness. Sometimes I feel jealousy too, which is unexpected and I find embarrassing… because sometimes I feel jealous of other people for having their happy families and their loved ones and then in turn that makes me feel awful and guilty because of course I am happy that others are happy but it happens and it’s hard.
Then there is the waves of flashbacks. Sometimes these are lovely happy memories which I feel blessed to have. But other times they are from the times spent in the hospital or when Mollie was extremely poorly at home. Those memories are what I still struggle with a lot at the moment. I know the bad memories will never go away completely but thankfully the good memories are slowly out weighing the bad for now. It’s important to grab onto all the wonderful happy (mostly being silly or mucking about with mols πŸ™ˆ) those kinda memories and hope that one day they will override the bad ones.

I guess I am trying to shed some light on the journey of grief and to share what I’ve learnt; which is that it is totally OK to feel how you feel and actually it’s very important to give yourself time to deal with it. For some people keeping busy and putting feelings in a box and almost running from them works, but from speaking to others who have suffered similar grief they all seem to agree that it works, it completely works.. But only for so long.  The grief catches up with you at some point. And so really, face how you feel and let it take over you for however long it needs to, and know that you are entitled to feeling the way you do, let no one judge you. Give yourself time, be kind to yourself. It doesn’t get easier quickly and I don’t believe it will for a very long time. But time passes, that’s the one thing we are all sure of! One day it will be bearable. The time will come where that boulder of grief that you carry round will surely turn into a small pebble that sits in your pocket. It will never leave you, it will always be there and be yours to control. 
Also hugs help a lot! Tee hee! ☺️ Words of advice, love and support are incredible and amazing in their own right! But you sure can’t beat a hug from someone who perhaps doesn’t know quite what to say..or someone who knows exactly what you are feeling because they have been there before and knows that silent words and a big squeeze of understanding is priceless…  
On a lighter note, I would like to say a hug thank you to all the team at Move With Us for firstly purchasing loads of B+ Goodies and Secondly for donating Β£500 to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation as their Chosen Charity this year! So so grateful! πŸ™

See pictures below and also a massive thank you to CLDF for mentioning Mollie in their latest magazine. Seeing her name up there makes us all incredibly proud of the legacy she has left behind…! 😊🌠


Keep raising awareness of blood and organ donation… Most of us will all need one or the other at some point. Keep spreading those B+ vibes – your contribution can be as little as giving someone a positive uplifting message of encouragement or hope to spur them on for their day! 🌠
Lots of love people 

B+ Always…

Lauren and Mon ❀ 



Thank you Thank you Thank you πŸ™β€οΈπŸŒ 

From the Barton Clan…  we would all like to say a Massive Massive Thankyou to each and everyone… We were so so overwhelmed by everyone coming down today to wish our Wee Mols a Happy 21st Birthday and to Celebrate her Incredible Life and Legacy she has left Behind…

Huge Huge Thankyou to Everyone who has Supported us.. With kind messages of support and continuing to spread those B+ Vibes! My Georgeous Friend Clare Bear Created a B+ Tree! Check this out! Below… πŸ˜€

And a Huge Huge Thank you to The Wonderul Tiffiany Parker and Matt Harvey for Their georgeous music… It was perfect… And everyone else you have all just been totally amazing ❀️

We cannot express how Grateful we are for all the continuous love and support.. What a fab bunch you all are! it truly is too much to put into words… All I can think to say is Thank you thank you thank you! Again and again! Grief is the hardest thing I have ever known, but with all your help and support in each and every way it is made that bit easier to deal with… 
You hated fuss mols but today was pretty special you have to admit right?!… 

When a body is no longer a safe home for a spirit it must take flight… Just as the birds migrate in search of a better place… 

Fly high my Favourite wee nugget…You have earned your wings.. Time to Soar 🌠🌠🌠

Second star to the right and straight on till morning… πŸŒŸπŸ’«


5 months on and a very Special Day around the corner… Mollie’s 21st πŸ’•

The pain is still as strong… If not stronger…

When your going through hell … You have to keep going…


 So, as we face another tough ‘first’ this year, of our beautiful Mollies 21st birthday on 18th October, we would like to invite friends and family to share this day with us down at St James’ Church in Hemingford Grey  at 12 45pm  where we will be releasing doves as a loving tribute to Mollie…

We will then take a short walk down to the the Axe and Compass, where there’ll be music by the lovely Tiffiany Parker and Matt Harvey who’ll be playing Mollies favourite songs, as we gather and raise a glass to our Wee Mollie…

There will be a Collection Box On the Day for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation to help raise funds for this amazing Charity that continues to help other families affected by Children’s Liver Disease and offers incredible support. 

Help us Continue to raise Awareness of the desperate need of Organ and Blood Donation to ensure Mollies Legacy Live’s On… 

Feel free to join us on this very special day, let’s continue to B+ and celebrate our wee Angel Mollie’s 21st πŸ’«πŸ’•
Lots of love forever and… 
Always B+ 
Lauren and Monica ❀